ATWatch - Arduino compatible wearable platform for learning robotics and C ++ programming

ATWatch - Arduino compatible platform

Learn how to design wearable electronics with simple!

ATWatch - Arduino compatible platform built on the atmega1284p microcontroller programmed in the Arduino IDE and has better performance than the atmega328p installed in the Arduino UNO.

The device includes such sensors as: OLED display, piezo squeezer, BMP280 (pressure, temperature, humidity), DS1337 (real time clock), MAX17048 (battery management), HMC5883L (compass), MAX30102 (pulse sensor), LIS3DH (3-axis accelerometer), NRF24L01 + (2.4 GHz radio module).

With a single switch, you can transfer your project to power from a battery that can power the device for a very long time.

Charge the battery and update the device using Micro USB.

ATWatch - Arduino compatible platform

Why ATWatch?


4 times more Flash memory, 8 times more RAM and 4 times more non-volatile memory for your firmware than in Arduino UNO!

Many sensors

Use a barometer, hygrometer, thermometer, compass, accelerometer to get environmental data!

Long battery life

With one switch, your device becomes autonomous and runs on battery for a long time!

Wearable device

The development platform is always on your hand. Extensive functionality in one small case to create a comfortable wearable electronics.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Control your devices remotely and network them using NRF24L01+

Better to see once than hear a hundred times

Our Team

Артём Квашнин

Артём Квашнин

Microelectronics engineer

Development of a printed circuit board, creating programs for a microcontroller, designing a system of ultra low power consumption.

Артём Земляк

Артём Земляк


The development of the device, the creation of software for desktop and portable systems to work with the device.

Глеб Мирошник

Глеб Мирошник

Project Manager

Creating a development plan for the project, the choice of the main directions of development.

Current progress

Device case

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